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Our Quality Policies

As Milat Carpet; We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment to all our employees within the framework of legal and humanitarian standards. With the awareness that all occupational accidents and occupational diseases are preventable, we direct our efforts. We aim to create a security culture for all our employees. We act in accordance with the legal laws in the working conditions of young employees, new mothers and women expecting children and disabled employees. We do not employ and accept child labor.

As Milat Carpet; In our world where industry and industry develop rapidly, natural resources are rapidly depleted as a result of production and consumption. We are committed to complying with all national and international legal environment and energy regulations to leave a livable environment for future generations.

As Milat Carpet; Based on the fact that all employees have equal rights; discrimination, or dismissal or retirement based on race, social class, religion, national origin, gender or political relations.

As Milat Carpet; we control all kinds of security of employees, customers and suppliers. With the ‘Protection and Security Procedure in of our company, we ensure that threats are identified in advance and necessary measures are taken. We provide all necessary trainings to critical region employees and other region employees at regular intervals. Our employees who inform the related parties about the deficiencies regarding the security of our company will be rewarded in accordance with our policy. Any risk to our business continuity and information assets; to manage in the context of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility; We undertake to comply with all national and international legal requirements and conventions on information security.

As Milat Carpet; we are committed to producing machine carpets in a transparent working environment within the framework of national and international quality standards by keeping human health, environmental cleanliness and customer satisfaction in the forefront with the aim of continuous improvement and development with our employees who adopt innovation and creativity as a principle.

Forced and compulsory work prevention policy
As Milat Carpet; We declare that there is no contractual obligation or work against the debt and that our employees work on a voluntary basis.

Slavery and human trafficking policy
As Milat Carpet; In all our work we do not employ slave workers. We undertake not to trade human beings in our work and business partners.

As Milat Carpet; We undertake that there will be no verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion in order to ensure the peace of mind and the happiness of the employees.

As the top management and employees of Milat Carpet, which is an important supplier for the sectors it serves, in order to manage all kinds of risks to our business continuity and information assets;
Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our information security management system to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 standard,
Fulfillment of applicable conditions related to ISMS,
Determining the roles related to current responsibilities and powers for the execution of the Information Security Management System,
Ensuring that our basic and supporting business activities continue uninterruptedly, Ensuring that information is accessible only to authorized persons and separation of duties,
Providing the necessary resources for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of ISMS, Systematic management of risks to information assets,
 Compliance with all laws and regulations related to Information Security in our country, Closely monitoring technological developments related to Information Security,
Being aware of the importance of training, providing all our employees with necessary training opportunities related to ISMS,
We are committed to managing the activities we implement in the direction of supporting the necessary human resources for ISMS together with our other management systems.
In this context, our stakeholders, third parties and suppliers who have access / access to the information assets of Milat Halı are responsible for complying with our main policy regarding information security